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When we set out to design our facilities, we wanted to create something that would provide a comfortable environment for all dogs and cats. We understand that some animals are timid or shy and prefer to spend time in small enclosures similar to the crates that they have at home. Some animals are very social and prefer a traditional dog kennel. And yet others prefer to have a large quiet area away from the other pets. We believe that the unique design of our facilities offer the best boarding solution for your pet!

All canine guests will enjoy a structured stay which will include ample potty breaks, visits to our indoor dog park, morning and evening entrees, and interaction with our pet care professionals.

Feel free to bring up to 2 of your favorite toys. Just remember that they must be larger than a tennis ball, waterproof and clearly marked with your name.


Our spacious condos provide a private sanctuary for your pet to stay. Each condo comes complete with a television which broadcasts movies and calming music. In addition, we provide elevated beds with plush bedding, stainless steel food and water bowls, and personalized attention.


Our suites take advantage of the latest in Mason Ultrabase Kennels as well as private dog runs. This option provides your pet with spacious and safe accommodations. Each suite has and elevated sleeping area with plush bedding and stainless food and water bowls.


Our small dog room, for pets 10 pounds or less, provides our smaller petite guests a calm quiet and private place to relax. Utilizing the latest in stainless steel enclosures, each stainless kennel includes plush bedding and stainless food and water bowls. A television and radio is provided in this room as well to provide that “at home” comfortable feeling.


Our feline room, separated from our canine guests, features independent two room cat condos. Each condo has separate potty and sleeping areas. Using the latest technology from Mason, each condo includes an internal air exhaust system ensuring that each guest always has fresh cool air. Each condo has resting ledges and shelves, privacy panels and beds.


The crown jewel of our Resorts is the indoor dog park. At almost 1500 square feet, the park utilizes the latest in artificial turf, the same product used on many professional football fields, and incorporates an elaborate cleaning, disinfecting and drainage system. Utilizing an SMT cleaning system, the park surfaces are cleaned with high pressure water and disinfectant solutions which drain to several centrally located drains promoting a bacteria and odor free environment. The park incorporates a specially designed air handling systems complete with high-tech ionizers and is fully air conditioned for year round comfort. The park can be partitioned into separate areas or one large play area for your pets to enjoy.


Vaccinations: All Pets must be vaccinated. Your vet may fax proof of current vaccinations to us at 406-702-7890. The following are required:


  • Rabies
  • Distemper /Parvo Combo (DHPPLC)
  • Bordetella


  • Rabies

Flea and Tick Treatment:

We will examine every pet upon check-in. If we find evidence of fleas or ticks, we will be administering a Flea & Tick upon check in. The fee for this treatment is $12. This helps ensure the comfort of all our guests.

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