NOW Training All Breeds With Guaranteed Results
for the Life of Your Dog!!!

  • Obedience Training – All Ages
  • Specialty Training
  • Guaranteed Results for the Life of Your Dog!

Big Sky Pet Resort Training program is now training all breeds of dogs. Training is done in your home at your convenience. Group classes are available for training and socialization of your dog or puppy. We train dogs to be obedient and well behaved, and we teach their owners how to properly interact with their pets to create desired results. The techniques used in our training may provide solutions to any behavioral issue that your dog may have.

A letter from our trainers:

Our goal here at Big Sky Pet Resort Training is to provide you with the highest degree of training. We understand that your dogs are a huge part of your life and your family. That is why we dedicated ourselves to finding the best ways to train your dog.

What separates our team from the others is that our trainers are versed in a variety of instruction methods. This allow us to provide the very best training techniques for your dog.

Our methods are clear and easy to understand, allowing all members of the family to get involved. Our philosophy at Big Sky Pet Resort is we believe that education is the best method to communicate with and understand your dog, leading to a successful, lifelong relationship.

A well trained dog is a happier dog.
BSPR Trainers

Puppy Head Start

(14 weeks to 6 months of age)
Working with your new puppy at an early age is the best way to ensure that you are raising a happy and well socialized dog. At BSPR, we will teach you the proper techniques to help you and your puppy during this critical time.

Your puppy will learn the following:

  • Intro to sit, Down, Here, Stay, Heel, Leave it, Kennel
  • Gently taking food/treats from owners hands without nipping
  • No jumping on people for attention
  • Specialty Training
  • No running out of doorways
  • Housebreaking tips

Basic Obedience For Dogs

6 Months and Older
Basic obedience, as the building block for all the skills that your dog can and will learn. Set in the right environment your dog will accomplish the hurdles of basic obedience in 8 very efficient manner. At BSPR we devote our time and knowledge to help you and your dog though this endeavor.

Your dog will learn basic manners and commands such as:

  • Formal Sit, Stay, Here, Heel, Down, Leave it.
  • Walking on loose leash.
  • No jumping on people.
  • No darting out doorways.
  • Gently taking treats/food and not biting fingers.
  • You will learn the best way to be a good leader for your dog.
  • You will learn how to have your dog reliably respond to you.

Formal Obedience For Dogs 6 Months and Older

With Basic Obedience completed, your dog’s skills will need to be continually challenged. Formal Obedience is designed to meet the challenge and continue your dog in his training to become the steady companion you desire.

For those who have been through Basic Obedience, or its equivalent, we will continue your training by:

  • Working with your dog under increasing distractions
  • Emphasis on Stay, Here and Remove Sit
  • Loose leash walking and off leash work

Basic Manners For Dogs Of Any Age

Have specific issues with your dog? Let BSPR Dogs help!

  • Aggression/Submission Issues
  • Runs Away / Ignores Requests
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Unruly

Behavior Consultations

BSPR Dogs can provide behavior consultation in your home*. This allows our professional trainers and behaviorists to observe your dog in the environment in which they spend most of their time. The dog will also have fewer distractions, allowing the behaviorist to quickly identify what training is required.

  • If you are having a specific behavior issue that needs special attention outside or regular obedience training, we can help. We will provide you with a detailed questionnaire and extensive evaluation
  • You will receive a written report with specific findings and recommendations for management, training and/or behavior modification, depending on your circumstances.

*Please note: BSPR Dogs does not work with dogs. exhibiting serious aggression toward humans, nor those that have bitten and injured people. In that situation, I highly recommend you find a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or Veterinary Behaviorist who can help you.

Training Rates

Client And Pet
Puppy Head Start (4 Sessions) $225.00
Basic Obedience (4 Sessions) $250.00
Formal Obedience (4 Sessions) $250.00
Prerequisite Basic Obedience
Basic manners (4 Sessions) $250.00
Single Session Add-On $75.00
Private: One-On-One Pet Only
(Excludes Boarding Fees)
Daily $40.00
One Week $150.00
Two Weeks $275.00
One Month $500.00
Group Classes
Class Sizes Are Limited – Preregistration Required
Puppy Head Start (Five 1-Hour Sessions) $175.00
Basic Obedience (Five 1-Hour Sessions) $175.00
Formal Obedience (Five 1-Hour Sessions) $175.00
Prerequisite Basic Obedience
Basic Manners (Five 1-Hour Sessions) $175.00
<%rmal Obedience (4 Sessions) $250.00
Prerequisite Basic Obedience
Basic manners (4 Sessions) $250.00
Single Session Add-On $75.00
Private: One-On-One Pet Only
(Excludes Boarding Fees)
Daily $40.00
One Week $150.00
Two Weeks
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