Basic Manners For Dogs Of Any Age

Have specific issues with your dog? Let BSPR Dogs help!

  • Aggression/Submission Issues
  • Runs Away / Ignores Requests
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Unruly

Behavior Consultations

BSPR Trainers can provide behavior consultation in your home*. This allows our professional trainers and behaviorists to observe your dog in the environment in which they spend most of their time. The dog will also have fewer distractions, allowing the behaviorist to quickly identify what training is required.

  • If you are having a specific behavior issue that needs special attention outside or regular obedience training, we can help. We will provide you with a detailed questionnaire and extensive evaluation
  • You will receive a written report with specific findings and recommendations for management, training and/or behavior modification, depending on your circumstances.

*Please note: BSPR Trainers do not work with dogs exhibiting serious aggression toward humans, nor those that have bitten and injured people. In that situation, I highly recommend you find a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or Veterinary Behaviorist who can help you.